About us .....

Your Supply Depot Limited was started in 1987.

We supply marking machines to commercial customers as well as the U.S Government and Military.

Our selection of marking machines includes embossing machines, indenting machines, dot matrix marking machines as well as engraving machines.

We have the metal tags, plates and accessories that work with our machines.

If you need tags marked and cannot justify the cost of a machine, let us mark your tags for you.

Some of our customers and more .....

  • Our customer base is varied.
  • Large Fortune 500 companies.
  • United States Military.
  • Power plants.
  • Manufacturing facilities.
  • Family run retail stores - military shops, jewelry stores, trophy shops and more.
  • No customer is too large or small.
  • We strive to treat everyone the same.

The difference between embossing, indenting, and all the rest...

Metal Embossing is a process for producing raised or sunken designs or relief in metal plates or tags. This process can be made by means of matched male (punch) and female (dies). M10 HE, MDT500 HE, ME1500, ME1000, andME2000 embossing machines produce embossed metal plates and tags.

Metal Dot Marking also called dot peen marking, stylus pin marking or micro-percussion marking consists in indenting series of dots into materials to form human readable alphanumeric identification, logos and 2D Data Matrix codes. Our MDM1000, MDM2000 and MDM1000 DM, and MDM2000 DM will all produce metal dot matrix marking.

Metal Indenting is a process for producing indented or sunken letters and numbers in metal plates or tags. This process can be made by means of print wheel as shown in our Model 40B and Model 94 Indenting Machines. The finished result is similar to a rabies tag although larger character sizes are available.

Metal 2D Bar Code is a graphical image that stores information both horizontally -- as one-dimensional bar codes do -- and vertically. As a result of that construction, 2D codes can store up to 7,089 characters, significantly greater storage than is possible with the 20-character capacity of a unidimensional barcode. You can produce 2D barcode tags and plates with our M@ DM series and our MDM DM series machines.

Engraving is a practical and versatile method of marking metal plates and tags as well as plastic and other materials. Our machines like the U-Marq TX5, RX5, CX5, FX5, Universal and Quest engravers will allow both diamond drag and rotary engraving.

We have two U.S Government Contracts. GSA Contract Number GS03F0088U. DoD Contract Number SPMLW1-13-D-E084.