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Why Choose PEAC Solutions
There are plenty of reasons to pay for your new equipment acquisition by financing it through PEAC Solutions

Predictable, Low Monthly Payments
Financing enables a you to make payments over time rather than investing a lump sum of cash upfront.  Monthly payments can be tailored to fit your budget levels or revenue streams and may be tax deductible.

Lower Upfront Costs
Financing reduces upfront costs, allowing you to obtain the assets you need now without affecting cash flow.  It preserves working capital and existing credit lines and frees up cash for other operational expenses.

Flexible Pay Structures
Financing provides flexibility that purchasing does not offer, such as: 100% financing with no money down, payment structures that match cash flows or business cycles, and a variety of end of term finance options.

Credit Preservation
Maintaining credit lines provides a safety net for business operation and fuel for growth.  Financing provides you with a new source of credit, allowing you to keep existing bank lines intact for other needs.

Enjoy Tax Benefits
You may be able to deduct all or a portion of a your equipment cost in the year it is purchased, depending on the amount.  Any amount over the first year deduction "cap" may also be depreciated over the next several years, giving you an ongoing tax deduction (Consult your accountant for actual tax saving for financing your purchase).

One-Stop Shopping!
PEAC Solutions understands there may be other cost involved in an equipment acquisition in addition to the equipment itself, such as installation, and freight.  As a convenience, PEAC Solutions can bundle those other cost into the finance contract and allow you to finance all of the costs associated with your new equipment purchase in one affordable monthly payment (certain restriction apply).

The best reason of all to use PEAC Solutions...it's quick and easy!